It is not possible to have sugar free Greek yogurt since the milk used to create Greek yogurt naturally has sugar. The natural sugar in milk is known as lactose, which has been known to cause gastrointestinal problems for many people. There still are low sugar and no sugar added options available. 

Knowing that all Greek yogurt has some sort of sugar, sugar free Greek yogurt is out of the question. So, what are the lowest sugar Greek yogurt products or flavors? The bad news is that the majority of  the lowest sugar Greek yogurt flavors are the plain yogurt.  A large percentage of plain Greek yogurt has no added sugar; therefore, the ingredients are essentially just cultured milk. A Greek yogurt considered low sugar will contain less than 12 grams of sugar, but there are many plain flavors less than 10 grams.  We recommend checking labels before buying Greek yogurt if you are concerned about sugar content. You may be surprised that some flavored yogurts have enough sugar to almost be an ice cream. For many, a good way to control Greek yogurt sugar is to buy a low sugar plain yogurt and then add a no sugar or low sugar topping. Many people aren't worried about natural sugar in fruit; therefore, it tends to be a popular topper or mix for plain Greek yogurt. Additionally,  there are many selections of large plain Greek yogurt tubs (usually about 32oz) available, which makes it easy to have as much or as little as you want. 

What are some low sugar brands? A site called has an article on Sugar Free Greek Yogurt. Here you will find a listing of some of the major Greek yogurt brands with their sugar content. The article focuses on products that just contain milk and the live cultures with no added sugar. You can see a number of brands have around 6 grams of sugar coming naturally from the milk lactose. None of the brands have outrageous sugar content with exception of The Greek Gods, which is borderline high for their plain Greek yogurt products. Regardless, any choices on this list are likely going to be much better than an alternative "dirtier"  snack. 

Anyway, we hope this article provided some clarity on sugar free Greek yogurt. While you are not going to steer clear of sugar with Greek yogurt, there are options available that are very low in natural sugar. Again, be sure to read the label to avoid a high sugar item masked as something nutritious.